Long Island Bookkeeping Online

Online bookkeeping is the practice or profession of recording the accounts and transactions of a business on the world wide web.  Online bookkeeping with Rimberg Online Bookkeeping is the professional, careful practice of recording the accounts and transactions of a Long Island small business on the world wide web, at a reasonable price.

Don’t choose any virtual accountant in Long Island when it comes time for your finances to be worked on.  There is nothing more important to your business than keeping careful books.  So why trust any old accountant?  Or why attempt to handle it yourself?

The activity of recording business transactions in Long Island is a task that has been done by Rimberg Online Bookkeeping for many years.  Through our experience, we have learned that bookkeeping is more than keeping track of the transactions of small business owners – it’s about taking care of the small businesses themselves.

Robert Rimberg and his experienced associates know that when your Long Island based business fails, our business fails.  Our employees can only be in business as long as we’re doing the best work we can for our clients.  Virtual bookkeeping is about helping our clients with their finances and accounting, so they can worry about their business’ success.

The idea of maintaining organized online records for small businesses is our only goal.  Rimberg Online Bookkeeping works with clients and their small business in Long Island to make sure that all financial information is perfectly up to date, and all financial reports are correct.

We are here to serve you.