Manhattan Accounting

Lawful accounting.  It’s a hard concept for a lot of Manhattan business owners.  The problem is not that these companies wish to be unlawful.  The problem is that accounting for Manhattan small businesses is a difficult thing.

Hiring a full time accountant is near impossible.  A full time bookkeeper needs a full time salary and full benefits.  And depending on the experience level of the accountant, your NYC location, and type of business – this employee could require up to $64,000 for an annual salary.  This employee might be beneficial to the company, but is the position really something that you can afford?  Especially when there are part time accountants available.

But hiring a part time accountant is complicated as well.  Paid as a consultant, the 1099 worker may come and go at will.  You will have to free up a proper work space whenever you’re part time accountant is available to work.  And when your part time bookkeeper is not in your Manhattan office, he or she is likely unavailable to you.  Your needs and questions will have to go unanswered.

So it’s difficult to be sure that your accounting is up to par when it’s so hard to hire a competent accountant. That’s where online accountant services come in.

Robert Rimberg Online Bookkeeping is the perfect solution for a company that cannot afford or does not have a bookkeeper.  If you need 24/7 access to your finances and have no time to do the bookkeeping yourself, this Manhattan online accounting services company can provide the bookkeeping you need.