Scarsdale CPA

Here at Rimberg Online Bookkeeping in Scarsdale NY, we often hear horror stories about small business owners attempting to do their own accounting.  Between the mess that comes with hundred of fixed asset files and deductible expenses lists, these home-taught accountants realized that they should consider a different route.

One such client described the frustration he dealt with when trying to comprehend the hieroglyphics that he found on a balance sheet.  As the documentation of a small business’ finances over the course of a short period of time, balance sheets can be common and confusing.  This Scarsdale business owner decided to hire a CPA as opposed to accepting the challenge and possibly harming his books.

Another woman from Scarsdale chose to hire Robert Rimberg and his accounting associates when she discovered that accounting from home took up too much room.  Her spare bedroom turned into a shed of unorganized CPA files and boxes.

A long-time client of Rimberg Bookkeeping online resorted to professional accounting when he got caught up with the numerous types of statements and forms.  Accounts payable, accounts receivable, charts of accounts, profit statements, loss statements; the list goes on and on.  This Scarsdale man found a friendly, accountant at Rimberg Online Bookkeeping, and never looked back.

Accounting, whether virtual or not, requires organization, prioritization, communication, and knowledge.  While many (if not all) Scarsdale clients of Rimberg Bookeeping Online have these skills, it’s hard for them to factor accounting in between every other aspect of owning a small business.  Hiring a CPA is the way to go.

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