State and Local Taxes

Navigating through today’s tax environment takes the experience and expertise of top-notch tax professionals, who can help you, not only comply with increasingly complex regulations, but also help minimize their impact on your business. At Robert Rimberg & Associates, our tax experts have been serving clients in this way for more than 20 years. Constantly changing rules and procedures means having a team who knows you, your business and the tax implications that affect it.

Our seasoned professionals will tailor their approach to meet your specific needs, helping you to manage tax risk, control costs and reap maximum tax benefits. At Robert Rimberg & Associates we look at the ‘big picture’ so that you have the right strategies in place now…and for the future.

State and Local Taxes:
Nearly all business decisions made by companies with multi-state operations have state and local tax consequences. Most companies that answer yes to any of the following questions below need a state and local tax advisor.

  • Does your company operate in multiple states?
  • Is your company entering into new states or new markets?
  • Is your company purchasing assets or an entire business?
  • Are the owners looking to sell a portion or all of their business?

With over 5,000 taxing jurisdictions, state and local taxes can become burdensome to even the simplest business organization. Although there are many bedrock principles to state and location taxation (e.g., nexus), most jurisdictions operate under their own set of guiding principles and constantly changing legislative mandates. Consequently, your tax advisor needs to be experienced and knowledgeable about the unique nature of state and local taxation.

Robert Rimberg recognizes the increasing burden of state and local taxes on our clients as most jurisdictions struggle to close budget deficits. Our State and Local Tax (“SALT”) Group specifically addresses the challenges of state and local taxes and can provide assistance with the following:

Nexus studies, which determine those jurisdictions where the company must file tax returns — whether income, franchise, sales and use, or other types of taxes

Net income and franchise tax apportionment issues, such as determining the proper manner in which to source sales, payroll and property to the various taxing jurisdictions

Sales and use taxes, such as providing taxability matrixes of sales and/or purchase transactions

Sales/use tax and property tax compliance and process review and improvement analysis

State income tax credits, such as credits for investing in certain equipment and/or increasing head count

Transactional advisory services, such as advising of the state tax consequences of purchasing or selling a business

Voluntary disclosure agreements, which is a means of settling past state and/or local tax exposures, with the most advantageous terms

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