Connecticut Bookkeeping Services

Smart business owners understand that hiring a full-time bookkeeper can be extremely expensive. When you combine salary, employer’s tax, benefits and time off, bookkeeping fees go through the roof.  Depending on the experience level required of your bookkeeper, a salary can range anywhere from $37K to $64K a year or realistically $48K – $83K if you add all of the benefits and taxes.  Paying a consultant or part-time bookkeeper is not cheap either.  For a part-time bookkeeper, annual compensation ranges from $31K to $58K.  As a part-time bookkeeper, he or she is quite literally only available to you part time.  So what happens if you need to view a financial record or have a question that needs to be answered now and your bookkeeper is not around?  There is only one answer to these issues, a Connecticut Bookkeeper by Rimberg Online.

Connecticut Bookkeeping Services can be used effectively and efficiently at half the cost of other bookkeeper.  Rimberg Online Bookkeeping has saved Connecticut small businesses, like yours, tens of thousands of dollars.  What are the many advantages of online bookkeeping?  Spend half of what you spend now on bookkeeping fees.  You will not have to pay benefits, insurance, or employer’s tax on your bookkeeper.  This bookkeeper will take up no space, nor use any filing cabinets and does not take vacations.  No matter what time of the day or night or what part of the world you may be in, you have your financial records directly in front of you.  There is really no comparison.  Rimberg Online Bookkeeping is the perfect solution for your online bookkeeping needs.