Manhattan CPA

Accounting transactions for a small business include purchases, receipts, income, sales, invoices, and payments, each made by either individuals or organizations.  The recording of these important financial transactions is one of the most complicated parts of owning a small business.  While some business owners have the time and skill set to take care of this task themselves, other small business owners (like those who live in the busy city of Manhattan) are not so lucky.  They require bookkeepers, like Rimberg Online Bookkeeping.

Rimberg Online Bookkeeping in Manhattan NY is a remote bookkeeping service.  Robert Rimberg and his expert associates keep your source document in web-based applications, keeping them safe in case of fire or other emergency.  All data is backed up on a regular basis, ensuring protection for your small business.

More importantly, these files are all available to be accessed 24/7!  Should you need to, you or your chosen employees can check on valuable financial information from any remote location.  Rimberg Online Bookkeeping’s virtual software is available from any place in the world, giving small business owners ease of use and the ability to stay in touch with their business wherever they might travel to.

How can you be sure that you can trust Robert Rimberg and his associates?  These accountants have been working with financial documents for many years.  As professional CPAs, Robert and his coworkers are well known for their work in virtual accounting.  Since 1985, Robert and his associates have been running an accounting and bookkeeping firm, helping small business owners in Manhattan with their finances.