Westchester Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping is a task that not everyone can perform well.  It takes training, patience, organization skills, and knowledge.  That is not to say that anyone cannot become a bookkeeper.  But the responsibility does not come easily.

Virtual bookkeeping is a whole other ballgame.  Combine regular bookkeeping with scanning, computer savvy, technology, and databases.  Even the smartest techie can have trouble with online bookkeeping.

Robert Rimberg and his professional bookkeeping associates are located in beautiful Hartsdale NY.  With decades behind them in the bookkeeping business, Rimberg Bookkeeping Online is a trusted name throughout the Westchester County community, and beyond.

Let’s look at the facts:

Using technology makes bookkeeping more efficient.  Efficiency means fewer hours on the payroll, more organized accounting, and easy future use.  Expenses are minimal; all that is needed is a virtual bookkeeping software program.

Online bookkeepers like Robert Rimberg provide a personal, down-to-earth service for their clients.  Bookkeeping–whether online or not–means working with someone on your personal finances.  Rimberg Online Bookkeeping communicates regularly with clients in order to ensure trust and satisfaction.  Rimberg assigns one specific virtual bookkeeper to handle your account, creating a personal relationship between bookkeeper and client.

Affordability is key.  Using a virtual bookkeeping service minimizes major costs, like hiring a full time accountant.  This saved money allows the clients of Rimberg Online Bookkeeping to use those funds elsewhere, as they are needed.  Accounting should not be the most expensive task you undertake this year.

If you’re still unsure about the facts, call us today at (914) 725-7777 so we can show you exactly how we can help you with your virtual bookkeeping needs.