Bronx Accounting

Are you looking for Bronx Accounting Service?  Look no further than Robert Rimberg Online Bookkeeping.  With CPAs (Certified Public Accountants) on staff with years of experience, there is no better online bookkeeping company to take care of getting your finances organized.   No bookkeeping case is too complex or messy.  At Robert Rimberg Online we make even the most complicated bookkeeping cases easy.  First we will determine how our services can best help your business with a needs evaluation.  After a platform is set up by a member of our technical staff, an accountant will walk you through every step of the process.  From uploading your files, to training your staff on our software, an accountant will be available to you by email or phone.

Our services are completely customizable and will be designed around your business’ needs.  We will be as interactive or hands-off as you see fit.  We are there for you to print your checks, maintain your pay-roll, or even handle your tax returns if you would like us to.  With our Bronx Accounting Software, your company will go completely paperless, thus saving space and the frustration of searching through files. At the click of a mouse all of your finances will be accessible no matter where you are.

Robert Rimberg Online Bookkeeping has helped many Bronx Businesses get their books in order and save up to 50% off of what they would spend for a traditional bookkeeper.  Our online accounting service has a proven track record of saving companies money and making them more efficient.  We are extremely confident that our services will work for you.  Get Started Now!