Connecticut Accounting Services & Software

Robert Rimberg Online Bookkeeping, Connecticut Accounting

Bookkeeping does not have to be difficult anymore.  With our Connecticut accountant service, your company’s finances can be tracked with ease.  Let us worry about your payroll; we know that you have more important things to deal with than who to pay and when.  We will take care of organizing the books so you can focus on your business.  Your financial records will be easily accessible anytime, anywhere you need them.  With accountants and CPA’s on staff, Rimberg Online Bookkeeping will help you pay your bills, track your finances and organize your receipts.  Using Quick Books Pro, your financial information will all be in one place.

Connecticut Accounting Software

On-site bookkeepers and computer software can be expensive and unreliable.  Rimberg Online Bookkeeping is the cost-effective and dependable alternative.  Our Connecticut online accounting software is user friendly and makes even complicated bookkeeping cases easy.  An accountant will train you and your staff how to use this software.  We guarantee that you and your company’s finances will be in good hands at Rimberg Online Bookkeeping.

Connecticut Accountant Service

Robert Rimberg Online will customize our services based on your company’s needs.  We can be as interactive as you would like us to be.  From setting up and printing your checks to tax quarterlies and returns, we make Connecticut online accounting easy.  Anytime you have questions or concerns, your accountant will be available to answer them.  Either by email or phone we will work directly with you to ensure that your company’s finances are well taken care of.  We look forward to working with you to track your business growth.