Meet Robert Rimberg

Meet Robert Rimberg, CPA – Creating simple bookkeeping solutions to help small to mid-sized companies achieve success

Robert’s goal for his clients:

Having a business that runs well is one of the most satisfying things in the world.  After finally getting all the pieces in order in his own business and experiencing the freedom around that, Robert is passionate about giving his clients a virtual solution to their bookkeeping needs.  It’s very rewarding to help owners turn their business around with the right systems in place, and Rimberg Online gives a peace of mind like none other.

The business side:

Accounting and bookkeeping expert, Robert Rimberg, CPA and President of Robert Rimberg and Associates LLC, is known for creating simple solutions to help small to mid-sized companies achieve success.  Rimberg founded Robert Rimberg and Associates LLC, an accounting and bookkeeping firm, in 1985 to help a broad range of businesses from different industries effectively grow their businesses.

“There is nothing more exciting than knowing that your methods and solutions have helped companies enjoy significant increases in employees, sales outreach and revenues,” states Rimberg.  “Figures don’t lie and because we handle payroll and issue financial statements, we get the unadulterated truth within 5-minutes of looking at a client’s bookkeeping system.  Knowing that we have helped a company save money and create growth, is tremendously gratifying.”

Rimberg, a noted specialist in online bookkeeping techniques, operations and storage, is a QuickBooks Pro Advisor.  He created a paperless accounting system, Rimberg Online, and brought it to the web in 1998, and continues to upgrade resources as new, sophisticated and turnkey methods and services become available.

What sets the Rimberg Online system apart from the rest, explains Rimberg, is the user-friendly online interface and the ongoing offline support.  “We go beyond the standard notions of tech support,” says Rimberg.  “Each business is assigned a dedicated Rimberg Online contact, who will train, coach and be available at every stage of the process – from uploading data to answering questions on financial statements.”

The end results enable businesses to cut their bookkeeping costs by as much as fifty percent. Rimberg has been a featured speaker at accounting industry and local business conferences.

The personal side:

In 1992, Robert had his first epiphany…that life is greater than work and golf on the weekends.  It was at this time that he discovered spirituality. This continues to be a central theme for him, and he strives to live this in all aspects of his life and business.  Epiphany number two came when Robert realized that as the center of his business, he was limited in the way he could service his growing clientele and continue to build his burgeoning business.  The solution?  Robert hired more staff, pulled himself out of the daily operations, and now focuses on creating more client solutions, marketing, and networking.  By creating a team, he now can leverage his time and talents in a way that best serves him and gives much better service to his clients.

A little know fact:  Robert was featured on the reality show “Man Caves”, where he had his very own cigar lounge built.  Because of this, he discovered how much fun handling a staple gun was, so finally agreed to have his home remodeled, which continues to be an ongoing process.

To view Robert featured in the DIY Network “Man Cave” videos, please visit the DIY Network site and click on the Cigar Sanctuary link in the scroll box on the left hand side.