It’s easy to make mistakes when you are a small business owner and Robert Rimberg, and his team have given us help through the years. They make it effortless for me.There is a personal touch to the way Rimberg Online is run and his fees are very reasonable.

Rimberg Online allows me to focus on getting new clients, designing new buildings, supervising code issues and doing what I do best, sales have soared.

—Richard Bienenfeld

Rimberg Online has changed our organization for the better and freed up our in-house clerical person, who has had to do less of the chores related to bookkeeping, and can now help out at our front desk, doing paralegal work and other things.

—Bruce L. Listhaus

I have found Rimberg Online to be a resource that gives me peace of mind. They help me pay bills,issue financial statements, and we use them as our C.P.A. of choice. It no longer matters if a secretary doesn’t have staying power. Since I have Rimberg Online, my financial affairs are consistent regardless.

—David Mermenstein

Since I started using Rimberg Online, it’s costing me less and it’s less work for me. Rimberg Online works with you, they are experts on all matters financial, and can answer the tough questions. There’s always someone available to help me. If I’m having a problem with an account, Rimberg’s bookkeeper will call and help me get to the bottom of the situation—solve the mysteries of payables and receivables.

—Len Rissman

Rimberg Online has saved us money. The service is a lot less expensive than having full-time bookkeepers on-staff in each location. With Rimberg Online, I know that we have trained professionals handling our books. I can log on from any of my locations to our network and check the books, the bills, and the checks that are being prepared.

—Gabe Colmenares